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AvatarNathan Richer

some thoughts:

Problem: In the middle splits there is something stopping me on hip level rather than the adductors, feels like the flexors and the around the anterior superior iliac spine. Solution: Working on the TFL (I could barely get on them with the small and soft yogatuneup ball, green), extension in internal rotation and flexion in external rotation? Plus hip capsule work.

i think you’ll find that whenever/wherever there is restricted/tight tissues, your mobility and ROM are also limited as well. when you drop down into a position, take note of where you feel restricted. then hop out of that position and mob/smash those areas that you felt were tight for a little while, then pop down into your position again. did the position improve? if not, try another area. repeat. this is classic test-retest.

I sometimes get cramps in my left glute (same side as my hamstring injury), my solution has been smashing it and that has worked.

it is possible that you are overworking the glute to protect the tight ham. hopefully both will improve with work to ham and glute.

When working on the QL is it normal to feel some pain as you remove the ball?

in general, you should feel better after smashing/mobs, not worse. not sure what quality the pain is, but it is possible to do too much work on an area as smashing does create trauma and you could hurt/bruise the area. if it is too much, try a softer ball (ie. alpha ball) and work up to harder balls (ie. supernova). also you can modulate the pressure of your body pressing on the ball as well, and shorten the time you work it.