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AvatarNathan Richer

If you feel pain, the body may seek to protect itself by tightening up and not letting you do something dumb to yourself. The body is smarter than we think LOL.

If you do feel pain on a given day, I would go home. You should work with a good clinician (like some of those I recommended) to get pain free, then comes the rehab from pain free to proper function.
yes it is possible that you were doing well and then had an off day, or it could be that your back problem just flared up again due to something on that day.  Use gentle smashing to loosen up your tight hams and back; don’t really dig into it. I would also use ice to lower the inflammation on your discs, which can help alleviate the resulting pain if the discs are not bulging out so much into the nerve bundles. 
I’ll probably get flamed for suggesting ice as this is an anti-ice community. However, I am a believer that ice is good for some things and not others, and it’s not as black and white.  In this case, it works great.
I also think that it is sometimes very hard to figure out for yourself, on your own, what a good organized position looks and feels like. Getting help would be a good idea.  If you feel so inclined, you can probably take a trip to see Theresa Larson at MovementRx in San Diego – she’s part of the MWOD team. There may be other good movement/mobility folks closer though, although I tend to go see the experts whenever i can.