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Xiomara RomeroXiomara Romero

Thank you so much!  You definitely know your stuff.  I’m going to get a subscription to mwod pro to check out those videos.  And the Gokhale method is something I definitely would love to do; however, it’s pretty expensive.  There’s a free workshop coming up on May 10, and I signed up, but I don’t know how much they’re willing to share for free.

I was bummed, I felt like I was making so much progress throughout the past couple of days, but when I went into the gym today I couldn’t get anything going.  I felt tight everwhere, and oddly enough, i was feeling pain down the left thigh and its lateral knee, but the right seemed to be fine overall (the right was the one that was initially hurting for a month).  I felt crooked as well, and the typical stretches as well as the banded stuff in this video:
Episode 262: Hip Flexion Case Study and Mob Rx part 2

didn’t seem to help.  I didn’t have time to do any SMR beforehand, but since stretching didn’t alleviate anything whatsoever, my outlook is pretty grim.  I’m prone to spending tons of time SMR just going through the pain part, but never really getting much improvement out of it.

I think now I’m paranoid about if I’m overflexing my lumbar spine, because I can’t tell if i’m maintaining a natural lumbar curve or or slouching over.  Getting organized was really hard today, and I just couldn’t seem to get it right this time.  It seemed easier the past couple of days, but either my mind wasn’t making the connections to my abs well enough for a good brace, or I was just firing the wrong muscles again.