AvatarNicholas Walker

Alright I will have someone check it again, just in case

Yes I know, that is why I reach out to this awesome community
Yes I also have done that :(, I thought the IT band would be a big help, but unfortunately not.
From the glutes to my feet, I have checked it out, but nothing worked. And as I said I makes sure I go through my body at least once a week. Covering every part.
Like I know my body is messed up ( Training for 10 years now 5-7 days a week, switched it up to 5 or 6 now) So sliding surfaces and all the good stuff are NOT properly working.
Which part do you think I should smash or distract or what have ya. Maybe I overlooked something or so?
Looking at the video now, and see what I can do.
Thanks again Kaitlin, you’re the best!