AvatarNathan Richer
ok here is a sequence of images from my session with Roop on option 2 frog stretch:
hook band around leg you want to distract, let band pull to the inside of that leg and out the other side:
step leg over the band so that it is behind the other leg not distracted, then get down into frog position:
maintain good torso position, start sitting back. feet can be instep down in beginning:
for better results, keep feet up (off instep) and keep lower legs straight back and not bent:
if you can, bend down towards the floor lower while keeping good torso position, and sit back more:
note that this stretch mimics the position you would be in, if you were doing a squat with really wide stance.  you can try a squat with really wide leg stance and see how low you can go.  probably a lot less than if you had your legs ~shoulder width apart or maybe a bit wider than shoulder width.
also see the smile on Roop’s face as I am grimacing in torture from sitting back 😉