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AvatarBailey Martinez

Oh yeah. 

I do most of my mobility work on my hips, even though my pain is in both my knee’s. But I do lots of tacking and flossing on my knee’s and ankle as well. 
I think I’ve been able to figure out how to contract my glutes the entire time throughout a squat now. But I can still feel my inner thigh and groin area being extremely tight. I really have to do a decent amount of mobility work before doing squats in order to have decent form and to allow the glutes to stay engaged the entire time.
I’ve contemplated going to a professional to help me with some manual adjustments to accelerate the work, but I’m not sure who I should go for that when it comes to the hips. Do I see a massage therapist, a physio, a chiropracter, or some other profession I’m unaware of?