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Squat: powerlifting style.  Starting Strength.  I usually squat with crossfit shoes rather then oly shoes.

So since I am doing starting strength I am doing overhead press, deadlift (hex bar), bench press (sometimes barbell sometimes dumbbell), and sometimes clean.  
I am following a starting strength program but being very careful and really just using those movements as a test for range of motion.  
other exercises are pull ups, dips, tire flips, glute ham raise ( i am at the beginning stages of doing them without assistance)
I warm up with a 10 minute row, hip circle stuff, and then bands.  
The twist in my upper back seems to be the starting point of all of this.  I Peanut smash, do capsule stuff, but scapula seems like its not firing correctly and its hard to attack a spot.
I am thinking sleep might be another issue as my bed is not soft enough. I figure four right away.  I’ve tried using pillow as a prop but end up getting rid of it in the middle of the night.
It is more difficult doing this by myself, but how else am I going to get a physical therapist to help if I don’t have a injury?  I need a doc to right a script.