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AvatarJustin LaRoche

I have been dealing with the same issue here. The issue started around Christmas and continues to be an issue still today. Some days are better than others but from what I have found out up to this point is that I have a nasty knot in one of my back muscles that is on the medial side of my scap. I have had several ajustments from my chiro, a deep tissue message ( the kind you don’t fall asleep or relax during ha! ) and have had my athletic trainer from my college take a look at it. Today I will be going to an ART specialist, hopefully he can get something to loosen up. 

All 3 opinions up to this point agree that my traps continue to be super tight even after a lot of attention, this combined with the knot that will not go away are causing a lot of discomfort. My SCM is also being effected by this, which is super tight. 
I have been using a heat everyday up to this point before doing mobility work. I have watched everything I can find that Kelly / Jill Miller have put out there on this issue. I have done everything in my power with the help of Super Friend to get rid of this issue. Ultimately this one seems to be out of my control. I will update this after I visit Dr.Matt at the ART Center today