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AvatarPaul Lieber

First name is Steve.

Glad to hear you found the problem spot, although I’m sure it’s no fun getting it worked on.
Yesterday I could still feel it when I moved my head.  It wasn’t painful, there was just enough sensation there to make it evident I’m not completely healed.  Looking down and to the left are the most painful things when it first happens, but pretty much any head/neck movement doesn’t feel very good.  Today is better.  I’ve been working my trap/neck against the corner of a wall with a lacrosse ball.  Maybe it’s helping.  I will try the method you suggested and let you know how it goes.
I do have an ART in my area (found them on the official ART site).  I may see what i can do on my own before I go that route.  I go for my level 1 training in February, so I’m hoping I can corner someone there to look at my form to see if anything is wrong there as well.  We’ll see.