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AvatarJustin LaRoche

I have been the same way. Even lifting my head off the pillow would cause a shooting pain to the back of my head. I haven’t lifted in 2 weeks because of this. I went to the ART specialist this morning and he did some work on my Lat , Delt, Neck and of course popped my neck in too. I definitely had some sticking points in my shoulder and Lat. I am going to set up another appointment for Wednesday. 

Funny thing is played a high level indoor soccer tournament this weekend, ( I played all through College, I’m a Goalkeeper ) as you can image diving around Friday night was not enjoyable. After having some work done by my friend that’s the Athletic Trainer to the knots in my back that did help loosen things up for Saturday’s 2 games. I actually feel better after a weekend of diving around. 
I will keep you up-to-date on my progress, I know for myself that ART is going to be needed. The guy that I see for ART issues is very good and believes that this issue is very common. He said that its very common because of a desk job. I personally have a stand up desk but that doesn’t that I don’t the same faults as someone that sits all day. I will have to really focus on staying in the proper position from now on.