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AvatarMartin Repcek

First of all, thanks for bringing this video to my attention again. Pretty sure this is the exact problem with my crappy ankle ROM problem. I have so much tightness in the area between where the achilles attaches to the calcaneus and the medial malleolus that my heel is being rotated up and inward. The tightness then continues up along the tibia to just below the knee. The result is my talus is getting wedged up and my cuboid is getting pushed out.  

As to your question, do you mean along the side of her foot? I’m pretty sure it is placed in front of the lateral malleolus. In the video Kelly talks about and demonstrates pushing the fibula back. So you would push into the ball to force the fibula back. In the same position you would use the ball as a fulcrum while pushing down on the calcaneus. 
I’ve tried this MWOD and the other one done with Jill Miller and haven’t had much luck. I’m just not capable of getting enough pressure on my foot to get things moving because everything is so tight. Maybe I need to get creative with a kettle bell and/or sandbag…