Yeah that just seems like a weird business model.

Your philosophy is organic and all about helping people move better through the world – but you’re going to make them spend $750 plus the cost of travel and lodging and invest 3 days of their time in order to learn the most efficient way of correcting deficiencies.  Otherwise , people can still figure it out on their own in a less efficient manner if they pay you less money on other material you have for sale.

I just feel that the philosophy of the “product” should be more inline with Louis C.K.’s business model – who made over a million dollars in 10 days.

Another great video that illustrates this point on Ted/Talks (go to 9:22 for the punch line):

I don’t think that this information should be given to everyone – I just think that it should be a lot easier to obtain the information given its intent in our world. Especially when he explains how to reach the goal so simplistically – which would allow SO MANY humans to live better lives.

Cook has a very fine gift – it’s a shame to restrict its impact.