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AvatarBailey Martinez

I’m so torn with these materials.

I get that the information is great and that it would be a good read, but now that I know it won’t answer any questions and offer direct solutions to problems friends, family and myself may have – I just can’t justify purchasing it.

I’ve already done some research on Gray Cook. Read lots of articles, watched his videos, etc. I have a good understanding of his philosophy, and I’m sold on that. Now I just need to know how to act and correct accordingly. If the things he’s selling won’t do that, then I’m not sure what value they are.

At first I thought – Maybe they’re like buying lego’s. You can have instructions on how to put them together, or you can figure it out on your own. But the biggest difference to this analogy is that exercises and fitness can do more harm than good when not executed properly.

In my mind, the best way to go about learning the information would be to get level 2 certified – since that’s the only way to learn the corrections. Level 1 costs $379 – I’m not sure about Level 2. David can you shed some light on how to get Level 2 certified and the costs associated with that?

I wonder how many other people feel the same.