AvatarAndy Ainsworth

Thanks for the replies guys.

In answer to your questions, my ankle ROM is pretty good, I can get into a pistol position and hold it, so I guess that’s not the problem, I have been mobilising daily but was taking more of a carpet bomb style approach to it,   (just trying to hit as many different areas as possible, and see what changes happen), Barbell quad/adductor smashing, IT Band rumble rollling, Calf bone saw and a few more. I also have been using the couch stretch, (the on the couch version not the leg up a wall version) as the leg leg/wall version was giving me a bit of discomfort in my knees)but did not really see an improvement in my knees, although a lot of the other tissues did feel massively improved!!
For the last few days, 2 or 3 times a day, I have spent more time working on my supra patella pouch and smashing my calves with a ball which seems to have calmed things down a little, but wasn’t sure if this was just because I haven’t squatted since Monday.
Do you think I should wait until the heat in my knees completely goes before returning to squats or just keep mobilising and working out??
Thanks for your time guys.