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AvatarTravis Wyant

Sounds like ankle mobility issues at the very least. But remember it’s a systems approach so working up the entire chain is essential. Favouring your tight ankles though would make sense.


I would highly recommend the banded distraction work from both the front and the back.

I would also recommend the lateral malleolus and calcaneus manipulation with the ball.

You also might want to consider voodoo wrapping the feet and ankle and move about in them as this will force tarsals and metatarsals to move and also help get your ankle into a good position.


Also, look into smashing / contract relax work on your anterior and posterior tibials and the related compartments.


I have really bad ankle ROM in my right foot and this is due to many factors, primarily it would seem to a ‘bony block’ where my lateral malleolus doesn’t allow my talus bone to glide under the tibia during dorsi-flexion. So I can sympathise greatly. I too am a mile off the pistol test, but, I am slowly seeing an improvement.