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Shane GoncalvesShane Goncalves

Thanks for the reply, Kaitlin.

Will stick to what I can do within the 8-11 degrees and work on the videos. I find it really hard to tell (given any of the mobilisation will hurt!) when something is too much. Is it a reasonable guideline to say ‘if it still hurts 2 hours later, you did too much’?

Technically I have OA (because of the kissing lesions).  Symptom wise, I don’t have any symptoms of OA (no morning stiffness or joint pain with walking) The OA was only picked up because of an MRI after X-ray showed CAM impingement.

I’m not working with anyone at the moment on the movement/osteopathy side as income doesn’t permit. I’m saving up for a couple of sessions with an osteopath. That’s why I was recommended to try MobilityWOD. In the past, I’ve been shown some banded exercises to open the joint for pain relief and before squatting, and I do those each time I’m at the crossfit box. They are similar to some of the things I’ve seen on this site. 

The NHS can only offer ‘come back to us when you want a complete hip replacement or need prescription painkillers’. They would usually offer physio, but have said because I do Crossfit & supplementary exercises for glutes there’s nothing their physio could add to what I already do. 

Someone is very generously helping me with nutrition/weight loss though. Shedding 5 stone will make a huge difference to the situation. 

Thanks for letting me pick your brains 🙂