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AvatarRay Minehan

    As kelly has stated in other videos, the key to relief is though giving the damaged tissues slack.  One area that has helped me with lower back pain is smashing my hip flexors.  This is difficult to do but I found a way to do it that makes it a lot easier.  Start by finding a normal sized chair and putting the left foot on the chair, then take your left elbow/forearm and dig it into the crease between the hip and quad, it should hurt.  The mashing technique that works best for me is to try to move the muscles from the inside to the outside or working outwards, starting in the deep crease of the hip and working to the knee.  Then repeat with the right side. If a person is experiencing a moderate to severe amount of lower back pain then one side or both hip flexors should be tender to work on.  The next thing to do is put the left foot back on the chair, and in a half squat try to get the left knee out and past the left shoulder.  Repeat with the right foot/leg/shoulder.    Your back pain should dramatically decrease.