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No, David that is impossible, and there are mechanical reasons for that. Yes, I’ve seen multiple specialists on this. PT, ART, chiropractors. I am now working with an Osteopath who has had more positive results than anyone, but there is only so much improvement that can be expected without surgery. So far there are no recommendations to pursue that as they consider it quite likely that my shoulder wouldn’t improve – this dysfunctional situation has been around for most of my life. I am not trying to work on my OH position – just focusing on my front squat and trying to determine if that needs to go the way of OH lifting or if I’ve hope. 

Kaitlin, thanks for the links to the triceps and elbow information, I hadn’t thought about those! It can’t hurt to try 🙂
I AM very thankful that my shoulders are so stable however, I can lift anything below shoulder level without a problem, and my Osteopath’s exercises are even finally allowing me to gain a bit of strength in my bad shoulder/arm – I really didn’t think that was possible!