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My coracoid process is blocked from moving properly – and yes, I did smashing and mobilizing for months until we figured out the problem. I had a broken humerus and collar bone at 13 that wasn’t treated properly and then I was sedentary for the next (mumble, mumble) decades. Consequences from the improperly treated shoulder has led to a mechanical problem that has really effected my external rotation. Thankfully that shoulder is VERY stable, so deadlifting and related lifts aren’t a problem. The problem comes when I want to do something at shoulder height or higher.

What I am trying to figure out is if there is something else that might be impacting my front squat that I CAN do something about, or, conversely, if I might be blaming my front squat problem on my shoulder when it is something else. I do lots of mobility/smashing/etc on neck, traps, scapula, pecs, first rib (as much as I can), and also work on hips, quads, hammies, calves and feet.