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AvatarNathan Richer

hey Thor,

i think that you won’t be able to squeeze the glutes the whole way down.  since descending into squat means the glutes are lengthening, you won’t be able to flex them as they want to lengthen.
IMHO “squeeze the glutes” is a cue and one that is usually results in a good starting position for the descent. however, it’s the hams that pull the pelvis down and into posterior tilt and if you try to cue “squeeze the hams” you’ll probably fail because flexing the hams is really hard and takes a ton of practice. however flexing the glutes usually results in the right action happening in the hams. on the way down, you should have the feeling of pulling your pelvis down by using the hams and also closing the gap between your top of quads and the front of your torso using all the hip flexors.  and don’t forget to be screwing your upper legs outward in external rotation as you descend!