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AvatarRoss Petrone

The only relief that seems to take the pressure off and make the pain more bearable is walking with a cane. The medical bills are eating me alive and I want to get back to work full-time, but it’s hard to find a job when your limping or walking in with a cane for a job interview, so I just grin and bear it. My husband still expects me to be able to physically accomplish all of the household tasks I did before and work. That will never change, and I can no longer afford to pay people to help me with what I cannot physically accomplish around the house. Please don’t advise me to ask my husband for help as it takes an act of Congress to get him to change a light bulb. I’m 52, but my body has betrayed me and I feel like I’m 102. There’s no real quality of life left, especially since I was so active before the surgery I wish I’d never had. I’m in 10X more pain after the surgery which was 2 years ago and have had more problems post-op than pre-op. Reading, art, and studying are my outlets. Trigger point helps, but if I can’t work, I can’t afford that luxury . Yes, we have insurance and the total spent after insurance has been over $15K. I just want to be able to do housework and work 40-60 hours again.