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AvatarFrank M Poveromo

    hey scott, hope you’re doing better. this problem seems to be pesky. i’ve met a few cyclists with a similair issue. it seems like a no brainer, lots of piriformis stretches to release tension on the nerve but it’s not so simple. this is the only one where yoga and stretching aren’t really helping, sometimes the lacrosse ball makes it worse. lying down hurts so how do you rest this guy. i watched kelly’s video on piriformis syndrome and it makes sense to wind up more and stretch more. but still not seeing great promising results. in my case i suspect bursitis because i feel pain mostly  on the lateral portion of the  hip but i feel a tight not in my piriformis as well. any suggestions would be appreciated.

    i would just say people out there stretch your piriformis preventatively when it gets to this point it seems like hell.