AvatarPatrick Thomas

Also on your original post
Did the doctor or practitioner who you saw give you recommendations for treatment or create a treatment plan?
Have you done any work to address any aspects of this?

Do you have pain in the rhomboid?
Do you have aching pain along the medial border of the scapula? This can radiate down the lateral surface of the arm and forearm.
Do you have scapula winging?
The injury to the nerve could be below the places the dorsal scapula nerve innervates the levator, rhombois minor.

The symptoms you described in your original post sound more like a brachial plexus injury.

– Very ropy levator on both sides (you can feel a rope of muscle as you run your fingers over the part of my upper back)
– Side of neck pain with any activity of arms in front of me or over my head
– Shoulder blades look hunched and elevated (scap winging), especially when doing crossover symmetry type stuff
– Rhomboids feel completely shut off (could be low trap or mid trap but rhomboids are my guess)