AvatarCara Yost


 Your post was really helpful. I’ve noticed I feel tired and foggy sometimes after eating. I also noticed I feel chronically stressed out. For example I’ll go exercising and even after that I would feel a bit stressed maybe anxious. Also I feel my sex drive is lower than normal and I’m 20 years old… So what you’re saying is extremely plausible. I was a stressed kid I think and I played a lot of games, sitting down. My parents stress me out a lot. My memory was not top notch also. Initially I linked sress to my breathing mechanics.
Any tips and more information on the topic would be much appriciated. One thing I don’t get is how little cortisol leads to higher stress. I always thoght it was the opposite.
Also which electrolyte is out of wack? Too little potassium or sodium?
 No blood at all. Just weak absorbption. HCL and eating a ton of lemons, vinegar didn’t help.