AvatarJesse Glushefski

Sounds pretty identical to adrenal insufficiency… Not full on adrenal fatigue which is pretty severe, but insufficiency. Generally, when your adrenals are strained and your cortisol is out of whack (probably low in your case) your digestion slows to a halt causing all sorts of problems like bloating, heartburn, etc. In addition your kidneys (where your adrenal glands are located) struggle to regulate the amount of sodium in your blood so you dump a lot of urine, and electrolytes are all out whack. Often, when you have adrenal problems the body has a problem with recovery so you get muscle tightness that just won’t go away, inflammation of joints and such, and a lot of people have sinus problems.. waking up stuffy, lymph nodes might pop out a little all over the body. 

So, I would really explore that before you go thinking you have SIBO, which I imagine is pretty uncommon. If you’re not like always super bloated after eating anything then you prob don’t have SIBO. The bloating you are experiencing is likely because your digestion is struggling and it is harder to digest foods.. so grainy or fibrous things aggravate your gut.
I would recommend getting a saliva adrenal kit from BioHealth or wherever. You spit into a little tube 4 times a day and send it away.. within a few days they send you a report of your adrenals. If your high on your readings then you’re not too far gone, but if you are low on your readings that means that your cortisol was elevated for so long that it crashed. But first things, first. Test the cortisol! It is pretty common for hard hitting athletes to have some issues of this sort.