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AvatarCara Yost

I don’t think I have a problem with a particular type of food because I’ve tried eliminating a lot of foods and hadn’t had a change. No bread. Tried no carbs for a lot of time. I eat yogurt and eggs regularly. Eggs i find very easy to digest and I don’t have a problem with dairy. The only symptom is weak digestion. I don’t feel fatigue or anything. 

I have asthma, sinusitis and poor posture which all deal with inflammation. Almost certainly is my intestine inflammed. But the cause remains a mystery to me. Maybe I also have SIBO, dysbiosis. 
I think FODMAPS and fiber might be a little aggrevating. Since I ate celery, legumes, and green beans in a single day (a lot yeah) just to see how i would react. I felt the gasses and bloating. Transit time was faster. But who wouldn’t feel like thsi? Hmm
I’ve tried eating lemons, vinegar and taking betaine HCL before every meal to see if its a stomach acid problem. It isn’t. So it must be poor absorption and transit time. 
I found the power of glyceine and gelatin so I’ll try to consume more. It should repair the mucosa lining of the gut and act as a strong inflammatory. I’ll check your resources and gut smash in the meantime. 
If I eat easy to digest foods poop still comes watery and there’s undigested fat I think.