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AvatarPatrick Thomas
Great to hear you have followed Mobility Wod for about a year.
There are different ways to get started based on what you are looking to accomplish.
There is no one size fits all programming.
Have you identified areas, archetypes, or specifics that need attention?
You can start by working with someone to identify a starting point and create a plan.
One place you can start is the 14 Day Mobility Challenge 7 Green Lights on the Episodes drop down.
In Becoming A Supple Leopard Part 4 is Mobility Prescriptions.
This section can be in different ways.
14 Day Whole Body Mobility Overhaul is a starting point.
You can use this template as a general guide to create your own mobility program or follow one of the sample prescriptions. There is beginner and intermediate sample prescriptions.
If you have identified what needs attention there are prescriptions you can follow in this part.
In Part 1 of Becoming A Supple Leopard, you can take the body archetype quick tests to identify archetype(s) which need attention. You can use the general body archetype mobility prescriptions  to improve the archetype as a whole.
There are multiple types of prescriptions within Part 4 of the book.