AvatarTom Matchinsky


5×5 linear progressions in your basic barbell lifts are the best places to start for people. I would suggest working with a local coach on this or finding someone online who can help you. The MWOD site does not have specific prescriptions for basic strength and conditioning templates, but I would say most of us who work for MWOD would likely do this with someone. Start with a weight that feels 50-60% effort, do 5×5 with that weight, hit that exercise 3 days later with 5- 10 more lbs (put a 5 on each side for lower body and a 2 1/2 on each side for upper body) and just go until you can’t hit 5×5 with the prescribed weight with good technique. Take off 20% and then start again. If you don’t have a training background, you can do this for a long time. It isn’t exciting, but it works very well.
MWOD Staff