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AvatarBailey Martinez

I use lacrosse balls for my hamstrings while I sit and to work. General tack work here. Just tack the ball under your leg, and do leg extensions. Make sure you have great posture and tighten your glutes as much as you can. There’s a HUGE difference if you do this.

Every time I get up, I lower my chair and do 10 quick body squats. Every time I sit down, I stretch my legs for a minute each.
I also have some resistance bands at my desk and tie them to a filing cabinet. I can do some upper body work – primarily for the shoulder. But I can also hook them up to my legs to act as distraction forces and can really work on some groin mobility. 
There are the foot rests that everyone uses in an office. I use these every morning and throughout the day to get some calf stretches in. 
I also have a 10lb ankle weight that I use to do some leg extensions (due to previous knee problems). 
The key is to be creative and find ways to do any and all of the mobility work throughout your day in quick and efficient ways.