AvatarMargaret Williams
I ended up doing the “DIY way and making my own .

As of now I believe that I havetendonitis (no inflammation) of my quad to patella.

Deep flexion is what aggravates it most, its pops if I do squats (no pain) and most days now its a vague ache but will throb if worked on.

currently I stretch my hips externally + internally, Hamstrings,calfs quads glutes. Use a ball to smash my quad and it band, a stick to get hammies. And I started adding in cardio but keeping it recumb bike – This makes it throb during, and stairaster which doesnt bother it at all.
Also I n the shower I have been doing 3 minutes HOT and 30 seconds ICE COLD on knee 2-3x per knee at the end of showers to help circulation.
I am taking Glucosamine, MSM, chondrotion, biocell collagen type II, and hydrolaurnic acid.
Been religious about this for a month and have see no – little improvement, any suggestions?