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AvatarGeorge McLaney

I agree with you David that the Daily RX is great for introducing new ideas (such as Roop with this gold nugget: )  or reminding us of the wisdom Kelly has previously bestowed upon we humble, sore, tight, restricted folks. Like you, I typically don’t do the daily RX exercises on the day they’re posted unless they’re pertinent to my prep, workout or recovery. 

I hope the Kelly-Roop combo keeps up with the daily vids so the community gets fresh ideas to attack all that tacked down, gnarly tissue. I’ve recommended this website and Kelly’s book to countless friends because the principles just flat out work. 
I only wish I’d known all of this stuff 3 years ago when I jacked up my back deadlifting. I probably would’ve prevented the injury or, worst case scenario, recovered from it much more quickly.