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AvatarNathan Richer

I think the dailyRx’s are good for a while to follow but I think after you know the mobs and smashes and most importantly your own body you’ll not want to do just dailyRx’s but rather target your own known issues. I think more often quality work on the issues you are facing versus the somewhat random nature of dailyRx means you’ll get results optimized to you.

Over time I think you can develop your own daily smash and mob sequence and just quickly get through it each morning. But you only target areas that need help and forget the rest. You can use smashes and mobs to quickly test areas: if no tight knots/sore spots with a smash, stop and move to the next area and don’t waste 2 min on an area that doesn’t need a lot of help. That goes for mobs too- get in a mob and test for corners- if no corners move onto the next mob and area!

I think you’ll also find smash and mob is a good warm up. I am in light sweat and ready to go after smash and mob, nicely warmed up!