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Thanks for your info David. I’ll know my programming in the morning so it was more like I put in an extra 20-30 minutes or so to get extra ROM I need in the afternoon. 

The extra ROM I’m speaking about is mostly to increase the suppleness in my squat which today is limited but not terrible. Also at the evenings after gym and dinner I normally do some mobility-work/stretching in front of the TV. 
I’m thinking about the Daily RX in the morning as a good way to start the day and to work on my goal for 2014.
Do you think its a terrible idea?

I have a deskbound job, but Im using a standing desk, So I’m standing all day long basically. 
And in the warmup before crossfit I mobilize shoulders and legs enough to get me supple. 
If its hurting or I’m stiff I do a bit more or just work on lighter weights not go get injured.