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AvatarJo Priest

    Hi Seth,

    I have had a total of 5 THR’s.  The first two were done simultaneously back in August 2008.  The left one got a staph infection, that wasn’t diagnosed until post revision in Feb 2011.  So, I got really sick and they had to take that out a month later, put in a temporary hip, called a spacer, and wait for the infection to leave.  Three months after that, I got my final revision.
    I’ve been doing CrossFit now for the last two months.  I love it, I love the Olympic movements.  I love lifting.  I’ve had a concern about how much I’m able to lift.  I have a call into my surgeon to see what he says, but so far I’ve done a 255 lbs back squat in a 1 RM with no negative results.  But, at the same time, I’m nervous about how much weight I can put on the joint before it blows a rod, as it were.  I’m only 38 years old, with my first set of replacements at the age of 33.  I do stretch a lot and I roll out my gluts with a LaCrosse ball.  I don’t suppose you’ve talked to your doctor about what you can lift?  I too do not run.  I sub rowing, which, like you, I find much more fun anyway.  I don’t think man was meant to run except to save our lives.  It’s too hard on our bodies.  Give me a rower any day!!