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AvatarTraci Raper

Hey guys I have a similar story… Just got my THR on my right hip at age 42 FEB 10,2014 …Been crossfitting for 5 years… The pain before sucked… Its been 12 weeks and I’ve done a few Wods… Havent run yet… Did some DL at 205/ Did 415 pre surgery… I was told not to do crossfit for 6 months but its tough not to go back… I scale down alot now and try to go twice a week… the other days I am doing mostly upper body at a gym (Bored as Hell)… I did an anterior approach and will be back at work next week ( I do some lifting as part of my Job)… I guess my question is when did you guys feel OK to push yourselves… I overdid it early on so I would love to hear more experience with Crossfit and THR… I love Cleans and Snatches but am a little weary of doing the more explosive movements…