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AvatarNathan Richer

some of the FMS tests have left and right components: hurdle step, inline lunge, shoulder mobility. ASLR, rotary stability.  what were your scores on each side? were there any discrepancies? sounds like rotary stability would be a 3 on the left side, but right was a 2.

rotary stability is probably THE hardest out of any of the tests to score a 3 by far. i was at a talk by Gray Cook where he acknowledges that the tests are not equal or perfect. i assume you’re right handed? you therefore would have more control stabilizing on your dominant side/hand than on your weaker side. 
the FMS is directional, not necessarily able to tell you exactly what is wrong.  if you get 2s on everything, it actually means you’re probably ready to go. differences between sides indicate things to work on for sure, as do 1s and 0s.
did the person give you any correctives as dictated by the results of the FMS?