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AvatarNathan Richer

goblet squat! one of my favorites!

some thoughts:
1. at 0:05, as you descend you are hip hinging back and not dropping straight down. you should try to keep your body upright and descend down between your legs. something to try: using your hip flexors and hams, pull yourself all the way down to the deepest you can go. feel those muscles contract to pull you down. and keep your body upright – do not lean fwd.
1a. you can also try holding the KB farther away from you fwd. this will be hard on your arms, but it will also give you some better counterbalancing potentially to let you get further upright. play with this. you may need a lighter KB. you can also try going down and at the deepest position you can safely get to, pushing the KB slowly away from your chest. this can potentially get you more upright if you see/feel yourself leaning fwd.
2. at about 0:06, your pelvis starts to fault (ie. butt wink).  this is your deepest, safest position for now. i would not go lower until i fixed this. it could hurt your back over time.  there could be a lot of reasons for this. i would mobilize the ankles, lower leg, quads/hams, hips, psoas, QLs, t-spine – did i leave anything out haha? use the deep squat as a test – use video or a mirror. test the squat – mobilize one of the above – then retest the squat again. did you get lower without butt winking?
3. small point – at 0:14 – as you come out of the “hole” push the ground away strongly with your legs.
4. at 0:15 when you bend down to park the KB, your back is going into a big concave curve (ie. kyphotic). this is also dangerous. you should keep the back in good neutral position, and then deadlift the KB down to the ground. do not think your lift is over until you park the KB! 
5. front view doesn’t look too bad, but hides the issues visible from the side.
6. your feet are slightly turned out which is OK but as most people here would probably say, set yourself the goal of squatting with feet pointed straight forward and not to the outside. work up to this as you mobilize and work on the butt wink.
great stuff and report back your progress!