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AvatarNathan Richer

Hey Dan, to clarify what i meant – I didn’t mean that he was relying on his hamstrings more. Instead, I meant that it is possible that there is dysfunction in the co-activation of opposing muscle groups. In this case, the hams are turned on so much not because they are used the most, it’s because there is no co-activation on the opposing muscle group to tell them to shut off.  

Balance is needed on all our opposing muscle groups for proper function.  
Sometimes doing all the usual mobilitywod stuff fixes this. But sometimes it does not. I would say typical mobilitywod focuses on fixing the direct physical issue which sometimes fixes the neurological. but sometimes fixing just the physical still doesn’t fix the neurological. then we have to do something different. also to be clear, like the banded distraction classic posterior chain floss on the ground, many mobs do involve the neurological but many are focused more on the physical aspects like ball smashing.