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AvatarPatrick Thomas

Questions are fine.
You are learning more about your situation and how to address it.
Ask away.

Yes, tight/fatigued piriformis and glutes can be an impacting factor to sore back and hamstrings

Here are a couple episodes to check out.
Episode 234: Improve Your Proximal Hip Mobility and Nerve Tunnels
Pro Episode # 45 – Pro user Request Friday: The Dread Piriformis Syndrome (Like the Dread Pirate Roberts…but Different)

Less concerned about when more important that you are addressing your tissue.
Pick one thing to focus on during a session.
One idea, one problem, one area, one position.
Dose response.
You will do more tomorrow.

Soft tissue work is done after training or before bed.
Joint capsule/band work is ok before training.