AvatarPatricia DeCino

Hey brother I just read your comment cruising through the site. As far as your neck and trap pain, Here is something to think about, while you obviously have a neuro-muscular functional deficit and symmetry issues you will never gain full function if your structure is not “ideal”.  One common structural deficit that greatly inhibits function is forward head posture.  Try sticking your neck out as far forward as you can and the move your head into flexion, extension and rotation all while keeping your head out in front of you.  Your range of motion probably sucks right? That is because your structure is off.  So you can foam roll and massage that adhesion is your mid back but unless you fix the structural issue causing the problem, good luck getting a great long term outcome. You should probably get some imaging for that rib though ASAP to see whats going on structurally.  Good luck