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I disagree. I’m a teacher my self. Having created entire curriculum. Maybe for a different topic.

But I do have a good understanding of sport related training. And we have an athlete in the family who studies sport as well.
And from an Educators perspective and the goal to give people an easy to follow guide as well as compress the knowledge to really what is needed for the foundation. The Book as well as the videos are doing a very poor job, unfortunately.
I’m not saying they are bad or wrong. But they are just not great for somebody who is not a full-time athlete… or physio therapist. And even my sister who studies this stuff and has a prior health related education scratched allot her head when she was reading the German version. Her comment “to much unnecessary information, normal person is gonna read this!”

I for example would like to give this book to my mum. But she would never go further then the first 20 pages….

basically trying to predigest the information, so my mum will grasp it. That alone dismisses the book, period 🙁