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AvatarJason McEwing

Supple Dragons, I came across your posting while doing an online search for spinal torsion corrective exercises. I suffer from it, and it too has turned my life upside down. I’ve spent the last 18 years studying my condition until finally cracking the code 3 years ago. Now I am working diligently to fix it, which is just as challenging. But I am much better than before.

There are many things you can do to identify if you have it:

First, I recommend you extend your arms out to your side as if you are trying extend your wings like a bird? Is one side more restricted than the other?

Another one is stand with feet 2-3 feet apart and drop your hip one side so the knee bends. Do it on the other side and compare the gluteus Medius flexibility? Is the flexibility, ROM equal?

The reason I recommend this is when you have spinal torsion you will also have “Trendelemburg gait”, which means a dropped hip, due to muscle imbalances. In other words, everything is connected from feet to head so if one part of your kinetic chain is dysfunctional, so too will another.

I can go on for ever, but this is a good start…