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So bottom line is you gotta start at square one and re tool movement patterns and continue to build your knowledge how things work together and independently.
Yes it is alot, but acknowledge that and move on. Got to work chipping away.
It can be done and things will get resolved.
I can say this from personal experience.
I was in a pretty bad accident a couple years ago and had to rebuild/retool from the most basic level.
You have 2 choices in these situations get caught up in everything you can’t do/what is wrong or you can start addressing things piece by piece. Mobility and drill/skill became my workout. Spending quality time is key.
A couple of shorter more focused sessions have more of an effect than one long session.
Sounds like you need to start with a new plan.
Have you watched the programming videos and or webinars to expand your knowledge about how things work and inter relate?

You may be missing some basic strength in areas such as the abs that is required to have an organized position when moving. You’ve done several different things, but have you repeated any for a few days/multiple sessions per day?

Have you asked around at the facility that you workout at for recommendations on doctors?
Word of mouth can be the best way to find a quality practioner.