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AvatarTyler Lindon

Thanks for the reply Kaitlin.

I became mindful last year, thanks to KStarr and his youtube videos.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t mindful for 34 years while this condition unknowingly persisted on.
I approached this problem last year in the same way you stated in your reply.  That was my smash and floss days of 4 hours on the yoga mat each day, mobilizing various areas.  I learned anatomy and biomechanics to a novice level in these months.  I converted my home and work office to standing offices… but the problem was that I couldn’t set my pelvis by squeezing the glutes and screwing my feet into the ground.  You can’t create torsion on a collapsed system.
As for movement patterns, the most basic of them are too difficult.  I am unable to sit, stand, squat, … you name it and I’ll get into the position incorrectly.  If my SI joint isn’t functioning, even close to properly, where do I go from there?  I feel like I’m always leaning to the left, until my L5 gives which brings my torso to center… for a while, until the thorasic spine can’t take it any more, then my shoulders pop and I swivel back around.  My neck making the final adjustments.  So, in essence, the SI joint failure means that I have to compensate in other ways.  These patterns are well developed and I have no clue how to adjust them.   
Getting out of bed has gotten better as I tried different ways of rising.  Move sheets first, relax first, stretch first, lean up first… heh, I’ve had 365 mornings to work on this and the test results are in.  The same reason I can’t walk to the door correctly, or bend over, or open a jar of peanut butter, is the same reason I can’t get out of bed correctly.  At the very core of each movement pattern, whether consciously aware and exerting an effort or completely oblivious, I am flawed, cursed, bamboozled.  I’ve mentally tugged on every muscle in my body that responds to my mental reach.  The ASTYM treatments taught me that there is a lot of “feeling” I am missing in my pelvis.  Only when some of the overworked muscles, like my right psoas and left QL, are released with assisted massage am I able to tug on muscles and discover new ranges of motion.  The problem is that these treatments are expensive and I’d have to be on them for another 6 months at the current rate of progress.  They only treat people with this technique for 12 sessions, so 6 months isn’t even an option. 
I agree that a new professional is in order.  I’m leaning towards the neuro side of things in the near future but was hoping to get some feedback here as to which specialist(s) to consider.  I need someone who has resolved chronic SI joint dysfunction which has built 30yrs worth of compensatory patterns.  
I forgot to mention, I’ve even had Audio/Visual treatments to help lower my brain waves.  o.O