Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums General Chronic IT band/quad TIGHTNESS and knee pain (chondromalacia patella?) for 6 years! Re: Chronic IT band/quad TIGHTNESS and knee pain (chondromalacia patella?) for 6 years!



Moves extremely well in patterned motions. Far better than expected,
almost flawless

Standard Squat- Pass

Heels Up Squat- Pass, but still with knee soreness

Overhead Squat- Pass

 All done with full range and excellent posture

 Ankle Flexion- Excellent. Even and large range.

 Single Leg Strength- Full easy pistol on both sides with good posture

Glute activation- a little unstable, but activation in
extension/abduction is obvious

 Hamstring Mobility- Very good, although lots of quad cramping with quad

 Anterior Hip- The only place I found obvious issue. Both anterior hips
(deep) were tight, and in knee flexion there was obvious internal rotation to
compensate. Right side is worse than left.

 Did a Klatt’s test but it didn’t show anything obvious.

 My conclusion

 Very strong, very mobile- not your obvious issues you associate with
knee pain

 However, I am assuming that in deep squatting and knee flexion the tight
anterior hip is forcing internal rotation. Not with an obvious collapse at the
knee but deep inside right in the hip capsule. If this is indeed the case his
knee caps will be shifting and not gliding correctly- leading to knee pain. It
also fits with his symptoms

 Right knee pain constantly, left knee pain when squatting

 Right is worse than left, but both increase in soreness with flexion

 I would say with some good smashing and band capsule stretching this
should clear up over time.