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AvatarRyan Cloutier
I dont think an effective way of finding out my issue is to go through all the mobs and find the one that makes positive change. That seems like the most inefficient, and may lead to no answer. For example I can go through all the mobs but I will probably still see no positive change. It is not a very systematic approach and doing a lot of mobs means less time is spent on a particular area. So instead of focusing the efforts at the problem areas, you are spreading out your efforts in a lot of area but with less emphasize on the problem areas. Another analogy is like what one of the first physiotherapist told me to do. She just went by the book and told me: I have patellofemoral pain so I need to strengthen this, this, this, this, etc…. and stretch this, this this this etc… Basically just like an atomic bomb and do everything even tho it might not help me. This approach was not effective and I did not see any improvements. Partly because she did not effectively evaluate me. Not all patellofemoral pain are caused by the same things. And some exercises that may have been important I was not doing them enough because I had to do all the other exercises that she prescribed which may have been less important. Not to mention I was probably doing them with incorrect form, or doing them with what seemed correct form but not engaging the correct muscles. 
I have already done a lot of mobs and at one point was doing tons of mob work (except I didnt do internal rotation, and only did upper body sometimes), and and have narrowed it down to whats most important in terms of my tightness areas. I do feel like I am beginning to have some success especially since seeing my new physiotherapist since 1 month ago. However, the change does seem slow. And at times it feel like I have made a lot of progress and that I will be healed soon, until the pain and tightness returns after doing something such as: cleaning, dancing, skipping mobs and sitting for extended periods of time, and sexual intercourse (basically anything with knees bent between below 90 degrees like quarter squat positions). If knees are bent between 0-90 degrees (quarter squat position) under load that triggers a return of painful symptoms for the following week. 
You seemed to have some success with internal rotation mobs. Would you recommend trying it? If so why?