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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Possible conclusion that can be made: The right glute medius isn’t being activated or firing properly thus explains why I have knee pain symptoms on my right knee only. 
1) Learn to activate my right glute medius
2) strengthen the right glute medius, 
3) and then integrate the new found strength into functional activities.

I am focusing on 2 major exercises to address this issue (I am still doing my routine but with a focus on the 2 exercises below):
1) Clam shells (focus on right side)
2) X-band walks
3) Increase hip external range of motion on right side (Capsule stretching doing banded distractions, hip openers)

Since I have been doing the clamshells I have feel my right glute medius being worked so I know I can activate it. I guess its just a matter of keep working those exercises until I can strengthen it a sufficient amount and then finally integrate the new found strength and learn to activate it during functional exercises (squats, single leg squats, lunges, walking, running etc..)

I will keep with the routine and additionally focus more on the above exercises for 1-2 months. After 1-2 months I will get the 3-D gait analyses re-tested to see if their has been improvements made. If their hasn’t been major improvements in both the gait pattern and/or my symptoms I will look into getting a full length foot lift on my shorter leg.