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I have been seeing my new physiotherapist for 3 weeks now (2 visits), and have been doing my updated routine for 3 weeks now. Also, been seeing 2nd osteopath twice in 3 weeks. Knee pain has pretty much stayed the same. Quad and IT band tightness is manageable with rigorous mobs, physiotherapy, and standing more often. But with a day or 2 off the routine tightness reaches painful levels and knee pain increases. However knee pain persists even when doing mobs, and physiotherapy. Loosing hope that my situation will get better and been feeling slightly depressed last few days.

My glutes have been firing during my clamshells, x-band walks, and hip/glute bridges. Been feeling my glute medius best with clamshells, and have upgraded to doing them with a resistance band last week. Overall tho I feel my entire glutes (mostly glute max) being worked a lot doing the x-band walks. I am still having difficulty mobilizing my right hip external rotation. I have been doing banded distractions to get a capsule stretch twice a day for my right hip capsule. 

On the brighter side I have an appointment for a 3-D gait analyst and for a full length foot lift tomorrow. I am hoping that a full length foot lift of 0.5cm to address my anatomical leg length discrepancy of 1.1 cm is the missing piece to my patellofemoral pain situation. However, when thinking rationally I cant see how it can have a significant impact on my situation (and neither does my physiotherapist) so I dont expect it to be a miracle. I was really hoping that activating my glute medius and increasing my external range of motion on my right hip would decrease my symptoms . The fact that it hasn’t so far in 3 weeks is a major blow. I will keep at my routine for now, I will also have to make a 3rd appointment with the physiotherapist soon to re-analyze me and to get new progressions for the exercises.that are becoming to easy.