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AvatarJames Beatty

I was in a similar situation recently. Long story short, at the beginning of June I began getting this anterior knee pain, right above the knee. I would wake up in the morning with my knee feeling stiff, like it was under constant pressure. The pain worsened after prolonged periods of sitting, and seemed to hurt most when my knee was in more flexion. The pain would die down to around a 1-2/10 after a really good warmup / session of foam rolling and stretching. Despite being a trainer myself, I let this go on for almost 5 months. Training for the AF > focusing solid mobility (bad).  Out of frustration I visited a Physio who told me to do quarter squats off of a phone book, and ice it. $30 wastedddd.

I’m going to say I don’t believe in VMO imbalances causing this kind of knee pain, and that’s an outdated theory, and anyone prescribing quarter squats and TKE’s is probably wasting your money. 

I finally decided to sack up and research the hell out of the situation and commit to rehab 100%.

The problem with your approach is that you said you do physio exercises only 3 days a week, but 2-3 hours long. You need to do them maybe max 1 hour, but EVERYDAY, twice a day. If your situation is like mine, your tight quads, hip flexors, and calves are all pulling on your knee either directly, or indirectly through fascia. After loosening those up, my “weak glute” started firing just as strong as the unharmed side.

This is how I kicked what would have been a never ending cycle of misdiagnoses from doctors for years:

1) Smash your quads, ITB, and hip flexors. Specifically, your rectus femoris. Show no mercy; you need to drop the foam roller and start smashing that with a barbell and a softball. Spend 8:00 per leg, twice a day.

2) Couch/wall stretch like it’s your job. I’m talking like at least 3 times per day, at 2:00 per leg (6:00 per leg / per day). This is the most important in conjunction with #1.***

3) Voodoo band your high hip, mid quad, suprapellar pouch, and high calf / right below your patella. Perform squats (good form) and calf raises / stretches while in the bands for ~ 20 reps.

4) Smash and stretch your calves.

5) Smash your anterior tibialis; use a tennis ball, or lax ball and start to “peel” it off your tibia.

Assuming your situation is similar, commit to this for a couple of weeks and you’ll just notice one day that you’re pain free. Unfortunately, I don’t have any time tonight to hunt down links for those 5 things, but Kaitlin is usually a wizard when it comes to links, so she may beat me to it sometime this weekend. Good luck!