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AvatarRyan Cloutier

About 1-2 months ago, I have also been seeing a strength and conditioning specialist whos FMS certified at hybrid fitness center in London ON. He gave me an assessment and found that I have really good mobility for someone with my symptoms (although its not perfect), so I have been working on mobility and have improved but mysymptoms are the same. He also said he couldn’t pinpoint what is going on, and the results are inconclusive. He mentioned that the biggest issue he found was that my right anterior pelvis is shifted forward (hip-mis alignment). He said that he thinks that their is tightness and “junk” in my right hip area, and he hypothesized that the symptoms I am seeing might be due to that. His sessions are 60 minutes: 30 minutes had me doing various exercises, also had me do some capsule stretches, watching my form, the other 30 minutes he would give me aggresive ART, massage therapy for the right leg and right side of pelvis area.

I am still taking the supplements and have added cissus and serrepeptase more recently. I stopped taking curcumin as their seems no benefit. I have been taking joint supplements now for about 1 year with no help. Serrepeptase is an interesting one as it apparently reduced muscle adhesions and scar tissue and is fibrolytic. No impact on me thus far tho.

My nutrition is very good, being mostly paleo, high in omega 3, and low in omega 6, and low carbohydrate (no/or very low flour, sugar, bread), organic meats, avocados, lots of veggies, vegetable shakes with lots of healthy stuff in it, eggs, beans, legumes, quinoa, nuts, seeds, coconut/avocado/olive oils etc…I drink green tea with fresh cut ginger inside for added anti-inflammatory and other health benefits. My cheat food is a decaf coffee, with a little bit of honey, and dark chocolate. I have always been pretty good in the nutrition department. I might still consider getting blood work done, but at the age of 23, and with a good BMI and what I have been told as being a fit strong person, I am not sure if its a priority. Perhaps one of the later options if nothing else seems to help?

I have considered seeing a chiropractor, but right now I am seeing an osteopath just because of convenience and price. She works at hybrid fitness center (the place where my strength and conditioning specialist works and my more recent physiotherapist who gives me postural exercises is affiliated with them). She only charges 25$ per 30 min sessions, but thats because she is still in school. She even said she will try to ask her professors and/or other peers for help on my case, and see what she can do. She also noticed that my right hip is more anterior and she noticed that my right leg is shorter. She said she will try to fix the leg length discrepancy and hip mis-alignment. I than told her that the leg length discrepancy is an anatomical one not a functional one (as confirmed on x-ray). First treatment she tried to align my pelvis and she couldnt. She said it wouldnt budge. Although she did make my back feel a lot better/looser (not really what I wanted tho!). 2nd treatment she was able to align my pelvis. She said she was surprised it aligned so easily, given that the first time it didnt want to budge. Again, no improvements however in any of my symptoms.

Thank you for the videos I will need to take a good look at them. I appreciate your time and concern to help.